At Redeemer we don’t just teach students about subjects and content, we also teach them to better understand themselves and to interact positively in our community. Developing students’ social skills and personal wellbeing is essential for them to flourish in the real world.

Students at Redeemer grow and learn in a safe, caring, responsive and empowering environment. Our Wellbeing Coordinator also works with many students as needed to further enhance their social skills and confidence through in-class support, one-on-one sessions and whole-class activities.

By establishing strong foundations of good physical, social, emotional and spiritual health, your child will be supported in their lifelong learning, living and wellbeing.

In addition to this, we offer a range of extra opportunities for students to develop confidence, leadership and communication skills. These experiences include Student Parliament, Student-Led Conferences, leading whole-school Assembly and Worship, working with Buddy Classes and many more. Through these experiences, Redeemer students are equipped as learners and as people for the real world and the challenges they may encounter in it.