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Year 7 Graduation, 2019

On Tuesday 10 December 2019  over 350 people attended the Year 7 Graduation Service. Thank you to those who were able to attend. What a special and memorable night it was. We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback about the night and are delighted that our graduating students were given such a fitting

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Carols and Markets on Vine

Last Friday evening, our community gathered for our inaugural ‘Carols and Markets on Vine’ Christmas event held on the lawns here at the school. In spite of the rain, it was a wonderful event which brought our whole community together, from the Receptions in the Junior Choir, to the

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On Tuesday of Week 10 last term, our Year 7 students held their PYP Exhibition. As shared by Mr Altus last term, the Exhibition is a significant annual event in an IB PYP school and in the life of a PYP student. It is the culminating experience of


Cross Country & Walkathon

We ended Term 1 at Redeemer with our annual Cross Country and Walkathon.  This event is a highlight of our year and was a day filled with excitement, energy and lots of colour.  It started with every year level running the cross country track around our large school site.  For older students, this is their chance to qualify

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Japanese Yasuda visit

In Term 1 we were blessed to again host our annual visit for students from Yasuda Elementary School in Hiroshima, Japan.  The Yasuda visit is such a valuable cultural experience for all in our community and something very unique to Redeemer.  As in every year, some of our school families volunteered to host a visiting student, giving their

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Early Learning Centre assessment and rating visit

In Term 1 our Early Learning Centre was visited for our assessment and rating visit by the Education and Early Childhood Services Registration and Standards Board of SA. This assessment visit is a rigorous process which looks at all elements of our ELC from our facility to our teaching programs and support for students. We have now received

Early Learning Centre assessment and rating visit2017-05-03T23:27:05+09:30

Chess Club: Term 1

Redeemer Lutheran School started its inaugural Chess Club this term with 27 members. Each week students would meet one afternoon after school and receive a lesson from Chess Coach Mr Mato Jelic, owner of Chess School SA. Lessons gave students the chance to see demonstrations of moves or famous games, to practise moves against partners and to play

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Year 7 Canberra trip

Our Year 7s started the year learning about our governmental system, democracy and other governmental systems around the world.  The pinnacle of this work was their visit to Canberra in Week 4.  This year 56 students travelled to Canberra for our Year 7 trip and they exceeded even our high expectations. Students visited the Australian War Memorial, Parliament

Year 7 Canberra trip2017-05-03T23:25:26+09:30

Reading Success

A big congratulations goes to Reo Gerhardy from 5B for becoming a member of the Scholastic’s Reading Review Crew! There are only 6 students in Australia chosen to review books for Scholastics. Reo will be reviewing books sent to him free from Scholastics regularly throughout the year, which will be posted to the Scholastic’s website and you might

Reading Success2017-05-03T23:25:54+09:30

Flourish Playgroup

You are invited to join our Flourish Playgroup... This year we have started a Playgroup called Flourish and housed in our new, purpose-built Early Learning Centre (ELC). Playgroup children will have full exposure to our indoor facilities and the outdoor nature play space and each week the activities are centered around a different theme such as Autumn or Mother's Day!

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