In Term 1 we were blessed to again host our annual visit for students from Yasuda Elementary School in Hiroshima, Japan.  The Yasuda visit is such a valuable cultural experience for all in our community and something very unique to Redeemer.  As in every year, some of our school families volunteered to host a visiting student, giving their child the opportunity to live alongside a student from Japan which is an incredible learning experience.  The Yasuda students then spent time in their own English lessons, as well as joining in lessons with Redeemer students for everything from PE to SET and Maths.

This is a wonderful experience for our whole school and is a highlight of every year at Redeemer.  We must acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our wonderful Japanese teacher Mrs Jasmine Hueppauff in making sure this is the wonderful experience it is. Thank you also to our families for hosting students and our staff for accommodating the Japanese students in classroom activities. Redeemer looks forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with our sister school, Yasuda Elementary School, Hiroshima.