Redeemer students had fully returned to school by early May after a successful period of home learning.

With every crisis comes deep challenges and opportunities to transform and grow. The circumstances that Redeemer faced during this pandemic drove a faster pace of change than ever before, positively influencing and even accelerating opportunities to enhance Redeemer’s 7 pillars for teaching and learning. The ability to draw on those 7 pillars were the key to success in Home Learning for the Redeemer community.

The Term 2 transition from home learning to face to face delivery has been incredibly smooth, due to the uninterrupted approach based on the 7 pillars of teaching and learning.

Redeemer continues to follow advice from SA Health and implement measures to keep everyone in the Redeemer community safe.

The school has added staffing presence and modified ‘Kiss and Drop’ and ‘Pick Up’ procedures, and delivered more content to students via video to their classrooms, similarly to how they received worship and assembly content at home during Home Learning.