We wear our uniform with pride

Students at Redeemer are required to wear a school uniform.

We believe having a shared school uniform:

  • Develops a sense of belonging;
  • Contributes to school unity and pride;
  • Removes competitive dressing; and
  • Ensures students are wearing clothing that is appropriate for their learning experiences.

At the beginning of 2022 Redeemer transitioned to a new smart play uniform. The design of the smart play uniform evolved from careful research and consultation with the students, staff and parents. There are many benefits in moving from having a sport and a formal uniform including:

  • Quality. Our new uniform is made from high quality materials ensuring durability that will withstand agile play for our children from ELC to Year 6.
  • Comfort. We have taken feedback on from parents and students and our new smart play uniform considers the variety of needs for children in our school community, to ensure that it is comfortable all year round.
  • Everyday practicality. The new Redeemer smart play uniform will allow students the ability to play, move, run, dance and do practical activities at school without limitation.
  • Unisex. The new smart play uniform is mostly made up of unisex garments. This is a great practical and cost saving factor for families with multiple siblings of different genders.
  • Choice. Students will have a variety of options with our new smart play uniform to cater for individual preferences. There will be several trackpant and jumper options, plus a short sleeve and long sleeve polo; which have all been intentionally designed so that garments can be worn in multiple combinations.
  • Australian owned company. The uniform committee interviewed many clothing companies before choosing OnTrack Sportswear, who have a proven track record of supplying high quality, purposeful uniform wear for many independent primary and secondary schools across South Australia and Australia.
  • Family friendly! Thanks to the amazing technological advancements in the clothing industry, our new smart play uniform will be a ‘wash and wear’ uniform that is colourfast, easy wash and no need to iron.