We believe that to best prepare our students for the future, they need to be able to connect with others in our global world. Our Japanese program helps students prepare for this by teaching them another language and helping them to better appreciate other cultures. Research shows that students who learn a language from a young age are better equipped to learn other languages in the future. While your child may not need the Japanese language in the future, the skills learned at Redeemer will help them engage with other languages as they need to in their high school, university or career journeys later in life.

Our students also reap the benefits of the relationship we have with our sister school Yasuda Elementary School in Hiroshima, Japan to better understand the Japanese language and culture. This relationship, which has been in place for over five years, sees up to 30 Year 4 and 5 Japanese students visit our school for over a week. These students live with volunteer Redeemer host families and study at our school, giving our children a rich language and cultural experience that truly is the opportunity of a lifetime.