On Tuesday 10 December 2019  over 350 people attended the Year 7 Graduation Service. Thank you to those who were able to attend. What a special and memorable night it was.

We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback about the night and are delighted that our graduating students were given such a fitting farewell.  There were many staff involved in the graduation evening – all who deserve our thanks. Those in attendance greatly appreciated the music from the staff band.

I do also wish to thank and acknowledge the dedication and hard work given by Petrea Booth and Andy Geer. Our Year 7 staff did an amazing job recognising individual students and this came on top of report writing and planning the final Year 7 Worship that was held last Friday.

A special thank you to Mrs Marguerite Doecke for coordinating the PowerPoint and the sound.

Thank you also to Mrs Lysanna Hayes and Kerryn Gerhardy and for providing beautiful flowers for a special school event.