Discoverers Restaurant


Last week the Discoverers went on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens and spent some time in the Little Spouts Kitchen Garden. We also walked through the gardens exploring the uses of different plants from an indigenous perspective. While in the kitchen garden we had the opportunity to harvest some tomatoes, zucchini and limes. Today we used this produce to

Discoverers Restaurant2023-04-12T10:37:26+09:30

Harmony Day 2023


Harmony Day is an important day that celebrates our diversity and reminds us of the importance of understanding, respect and inclusion. Today we had different activities celebrating Harmony Day in each of our Villages with many students dressing in orange or cultural attire. We heard from speakers with diverse cultural backgrounds and students had the opportunity to paint murals, construct

Harmony Day 20232023-04-12T09:36:06+09:30

Inquiry Play


One of the Connectors students favourite times of the week is on a Friday afternoon, when the children have Inquiry Play. Inquiry Play is a variety of open-ended learning experiences designed to extend on the area being explored in our current Unit Of Inquiry. Students have a choice of many different experiences across the afternoon and are able to transition

Inquiry Play2023-04-12T09:36:46+09:30

Service Learning


As part of their service learning and Year 6 leadership unit, our students have been volunteering and assisting in different ways around the school. Last week some students made their way over to the ELC and helped out with the gardening, reading stories, playing in the sandpit and teaching some basketball skills to the little ones.

Service Learning2023-04-12T09:37:18+09:30

Open Waters Expo


Today our Creators (Years 3&4) held their first Open Waters Expo. The students have spent the term independently researching a topic connecting to the theme 'knowledge of the land influences the way we live'. Here they are communicating their learnings with the Connectors (Years 1&2).

Open Waters Expo2023-04-12T09:37:52+09:30
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