Benefits of Village Learning

Personalised Learning – Enabling every child to be successful

The future of schooling is one where every child is treated uniquely and according to their point of need, not by the day or year they were born. The real strength of Village Learning at Redeemer is our ability to differentiate learning, enabling each to be successful.

We know that every child is different and is uniquely and purposefully created. Every child has different strengths and learning needs which makes them unique. Redeemer strives to personalise learning for each child, our ability to differentiate is greatly enhanced through the new village structure and our staffing ratios to students.

Village Learning and our innovative learning environments allow us to group students more flexibly. Groupings could be formed based on student interests, skill development, social skills, emotional intelligence or even how they like to present their work. Groupings are fluid, flexible and regularly changing based on the needs of the students.

In the literal village, in which children were once raised, they would play with whom they wished to play. At times they would group according to interests; at times according to capability; and at other times according to gender; and occasionally, we could presume, according to age, although of this I am less convinced. Basically, in a traditional village children formed groups according to the criterion that was relevant to the activity. So, in the metaphorical ‘village’ in which 21st Century children are raised, it seems sensible to take the same approach. We need to discard the belief that the most important thing students have in common is their date of manufacture, and be free to think differently.

Dr Ken Robinson

Some of the benefits to student learning and student wellbeing through a Village Learning approach at Redeemer are: