Students at Redeemer study Science from Reception through to Year 7.

In accordance with the Australian Curriculum, students’ Science learning is organised under three strands: Science Understanding, Science as Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills.

Science Understanding incorporates Biological sciences; Physical sciences; and Earth and space sciences in all year levels.  This ensures students grow in their knowledge in all areas of Science throughout their whole schooling.

 Science as Human Endeavour explores the importance of science in decision-making and problem solving while acknowledging that ethical and social implications must be taken into account. This strand also recognises that science advances through the contributions of many different people from different cultures and that there are many rewarding science-based career paths.

Through students’ learning in the Science Inquiry Skills strand, they develop the tools they need to achieve a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.  There are five main groups of Science Inquiry Skills students learn: Questioning and predicting; Planning and conducting; Processing and analysing data and information; Evaluating; and Communicating.


Connections with Units of Inquiry:

As an International Baccalaureate PYP school, Science, as well as a number of other learning areas are incorporated in what we call ‘Units of Inquiry’.

Research shows that students learn and retain information best, when they can make connections with prior knowledge and experiences and build upon this with new learning. With this in mind, PYP Units of Inquiry deliberately combine learning from different ‘traditional’ subjects to reveal connections between areas and to explore conceptual ideas that promote a greater depth of thinking and analysis.

Through their study of Units of Inquiry at Redeemer, your child will make connections between Geography, Science, History, English and many more areas to truly understand elements of the complicated world we live in and to develop lifelong skills that will ensure they can understand more of the world as they grow into confident and worldly adults.