Writer and illustrator of books including Pilot and Huxley, and Anh Do’s Top Dog children’s series, Dan McGuiness, inspired Redeemer Lutheran School students to develop their creativity during the school’s Book Week celebrations. During several sessions last week and in keeping with the 2020 Book Week theme ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’, Mr McGuiness collaborated with upper primary students to create an animal character with their collective creativity. Like a sporting or any other skill, Dan encouraged students to work at their illustrating daily. Now a proprietor of Greenlight Comics in Adelaide, Mr McGuiness encouraged students that they could become great illustrators, admitting that he gave away drawing in high school, only to pick it up again later in life. Redeemer students also participated in treasure hunts and illustrating in the school resource centre, with the added benefit of earning Redeemer Cup house points. Illustration competition winners and house points winner, Catharina, were announced at Monday morning’s assembly.