On Monday 26 October, Redeemer Lutheran School Chess Club members attended the SA Chess State Finals. It was an exciting day for the group.

Team caption, from left: Flynn Ennis, Lily Pietsch, Tyler Brice, Mason Cooper, Eddie Gill, Jayden Schmidt, Alexi Samonte, Darcy Geyer.

There were 10 Primary schools represented, with 94 players in total. Students were required to play 9 rounds of chess, each game further ranking their position.

Chess Club coordinator Monica Schiller said “I commend all students on their behaviour, Redeemer students showed their determination and passion by practising chess between rounds to sharpen their skills.”

The school’s ranking rose and fell as they day progressed, finishing at a very satisfying 3rd place, narrowly missing out on second place by half a point. The Club’s improvement shows in Redeemer’s 10th placing in 2017, 9th in 2018 and 5th in 2019.

Jayden, Mason, Lily, Flynn, Tyler and Darcy earnt Certificates of Distinction for their individual scores of five or more wins each out of 9 games.